Saturday, October 10, 2009


Friday afternoon I was at school in Tech Town and I decided to go to the Java Exchange for lunch. I walked in and I saw Charles Pugh. I was so excited I walked right up to him and started talking. He showed me his Time magazine with Dan Gilbert in it and we talked about Bizdom U. He was so nice. When I was on FOX 2 I got to see him but Deena interviewed me and I never got to meet him. One of my classmates walked over and introduced himself too. After, Joe and I had lunch and Joe was telling me he was so proud of himself for talking to Charles, and that he followed my lead. I was a little surprised that it was hard for him. I said "Joe, he just a guy like you!" Actually Joe is even cooler than Charles.

Friday night I went to the ROHS football game to watch Willie and sat with Jeanette and Gary in the rain, but I had a ball. This morning was the big Pancake Breakfast for the marching band. After Dylan worked for WOAK at the Powder Puff football game. The boys really seem to enjoy high school.

Today John golfed in an outing with our buddy Thom Sharp. (Thom played Tim Allen's brother on Home Improvement and is the funniest friend we have.) John WON the outing and came home with a BIG trophy. YAY!