Friday, September 4, 2009


I've had such a stressful week. I am hoping the effort I have been putting into a certain project will pay off. We'll see. In the meantime, this morning I went to the South Oakland Citizens for the Homeless and saw the most wonderful sight--a lobby filled with hundreds of backpacks from the campaign Teri Williams and I did with Moosejaw! There were so many backpacks (and REALLY nice ones too) that my head was spinning. Roy Watson, who coordinates SOCH, was nice enough to give me 30 backpacks to bring to my church (St. Mary and St. James) and another 30 for one of Teri's favorite charities, Common Ground.

Moosejaw is the greatest! And Roy Watson is a saint.

So after an emotional morning, this afternoon my whole family played hooky--even the dogs. We all went to Ann Arbor for fun, but mostly to visit Cake Nouveau. Since we got cable (can you believe we never had it?) I've been addicted to all the cake decorating shows on the FOOD network. I'm a BIG fan of Courtney Clark's topsy-turvy cakes so we visited her shoppe and she was THERE! It was so exciting. We bought cupcakes and they were fabulous! After desert we walked around the U of M campus and ended up eating lunch on Main St. and soaking up the sun. On the way home we stopped at Domino Farms and a cider mill too. It was a perfect afternoon.

Oh and I got my van back! (Someone backed into it and it's been in a collision shop all week. I missed it!)