Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For years I sat at a desk in grey corporate cubeland. I was bored. I just wanted a paycheck so I could afford expensive Thomas the Tank Engine toys for my sons. I was working strictly for financial rewards. Then one day I dreamed of being in a rock band--a mom rock band. I bought a purple guitar and some pink go-go boots. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I wish I could be humble, and say "little did I know" that the one thing I knew nothing about would make me famous, but that's not the case. I was delusional. I sat at my desk and dreamed of being in PEOPLE magazine everyday, and I took all the steps to make it happen--until it finally did. (See photo.)

I also dreamed of opening for the GoGos, and then one day I found myself on a panel with Kathy Valentine (the GoGo's bass player) at the Rockergrl Convention and we became fast friends. She even invited me to stay with her in Austin, TX, and I slept in a room with her Grammy nomination certificate for "Best New Artist". (Sheena Easton won that year in case you are wondering.) Clem Burke (the drummer for Blondie) was also her house guest. I was hanging out with "rock royalty" and they accepted me, yet at my day job I was a nobody.

I worked non-stop on my making my dreams become reality, and while I never made any money doing it, I sure had my fill of rock and rolls moments.

Well now is the time to turn my dreams into a job--to be an entrepreneur.
Why? I see many benefits to being an entrepreneur. Number one is making my passion my living. I think of all those years I wasted time feeling trapped and unappreciated. All my energy wasted. I "look forward" to "looking forward" to going to work every day and doing something that is my own vision.

Which brings me to creativity. That's another benefit I see to being an entrepreneur--building something from the ground up. Imagining the possibilities. Getting my hands dirty. Trying new things. Being in control of possibilities. Being empowered.

When I sat in my old grey cube I felt like I was just some other guy's pencil--I was the mild-mannered employee. That is until the weekend rolled around, and I put on my wonder bra and became Wonder Woman! Funny, how I saw myself so differently when I was on stage and the spotlight was on me. I transformed into another person. I was empowered. That's the feeling I'm expecting to get when I start up by own company--every day will feel like Saturday night. (Minus the drunks.)