Wednesday, August 13, 2008


John was contacted today by Roger Weber from Local 4. He is doing a special on Tiger Stadium. Anyone who knows John and I know how much we loved that old ball park. Roger is going to interview John about our involvement in the Tiger Stadium Fan Club.

It got me thinking about my recent interview on Weekend America on American Public Media. I never listened to it. I was so emotional. I was afraid I sounded like a kook. Well I looked it up today and read my interview. Hey! I wasn't so bad. You can listen to the interview here:

Or you can read it:

My husband and I met in high school, actually. One of the things we had in common was the love of baseball -- and we fell in love, actually, at a place called Tiger Stadium, which was the home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. And we spent many, many, many summer nights on dates there. One season we went to over 61 games. And we always sat in the same seats in the lower deck right field bleachers and we met some pretty famous and infamous people there. One time Toni Tennille from Captain and Tennille sat in our section. It's the place that we fell in love with each other, with a team, with a city and with a stadium.

So 1989, we were leaving the stadium and we were approached by this tiny little Irish woman who was passing out flyers that said "Save Tiger Stadium." I didn't see that there was a reason to build a new stadium and waste a lot of money on it, when it was perfectly fine. And, you know, maybe it was selfish of me to want it, but I wanted to preserve that part of my history.

A lot of people thought we were nuts and they were like "What are you doing, you know you can't fight City Hall, get over it, get on with your life" -- but we couldn't. Gosh, if you were to ask me 19 years ago if I thought I'd still be, like, involved in this, I would have thought, I just don't have 19 years to give up for this stadium. But I have.

In the end, we did lose and a new stadium was built. And, you know, one of the bad things about fighting for something very public is that you are perceived as kind of a loser when it's all over. But on the other hand I have, you know, learned a lot -- and now I'm basically fearless.

Also we practiced last night with the Mydols new singer April Boyle. She sounded great. We learned 4 new songs. That's crazy. We aren't normally that productive.