Sunday, May 17, 2009


Since February I have been staying busy designing websites for various businesses. One of them is The Celiac Shack. It's a store with gluten-free products and it opens TODAY!! YAY!

I received this email from store owner Susan Jones. (I am so happy for her!)

It is with pleasure I announce that today you are now able to hit the web and surf into At the “Shack” you can experience a hip new approach to the very serious issue of Celiac Disease. We are providing items that not only are gluten free, but “Jones Gang” tested for great taste. The gang is a crack quality control group comprised of my four picky children whom all are under the age of 10. You will also have an opportunity to be a part of our online community through newsletters, blogs and informational links. It will be a place to share stories, swap recipes and to become more informed about products and illnesses that are
associated with gluten.

I am launching this site with a special emphasis on mom’s and their children. As a mom of a child with symptoms of gluten intolerance, I know that choices are limited in the grocery store and information scattered. I am not trying to recreate the wheel, just grease it so that it runs smoothly for people just like you. If you or someone you know may have questions or gluten-free needs, stop by The Celiac Shack for a stress free island atmosphere. Hope to hear from many of you soon. Enjoy and thank you!