Saturday, December 13, 2008


I have had a really wonderful week. I surround myself with the coolest, greatest, nicest people on earth and it keeps me focused and happy.

On Wednesday my writers group did a reading for Stories from BEHIND THE RED DOOR at Gilda's Club. I realized how attached I've become to my students. I feel like they're my kids. Honestly. I follow them around with a video camera and I cry over their every accomplishment. Today we all did a radio show at They all looked so professional in the studio with their headsets on! You can listen to the broadcast on the Internet.

On Thursday I had a guitar lesson with Kemp. He has been teaching me (bless his patient heart) for SIX years. I consider him one of my dearest friends. I designed him some business cards and they arrived on his birthday (Friday). He loved them. If you live in metro Detroit and want to learn how to guitar, give him a call. He's the BEST!

On Friday THE MYDOLS taped a video at CMN. Joe Johnson is producing a Mydols' version of Winter Wonderland. He figures he'll have it done by Tuesday. I can't wait to see it. My son Dylan was the cameraman so I'll be especially proud of the finished product. I LOVE my band mates. April looked adorable on camera. She has the cutest expressions. Wensdy look amazing. It's hard to believe she just had a baby. Wensdy also made some Mydols' dolls. Check out her blog to see pic at