Thursday, June 26, 2008


I officially am still on vacation--we're back at home after travelling through Canada. Wednesday night I went up to Gilda's Club. I have been teaching a Memoir Writing class there since January and all the girls turned in their essays. We are self-publishing a book. I am so proud of my students. They inspire me. I got home at around 8 PM and I was all hyped. I'm usually am exhausted after 9, but I stayed up until around 3 AM responding to emails. I really enjoyed the quiet and darkness.

Today I met with Shelleen McHale and Jill Martens the founders of I'll be officially joining the ChefMama team! I am really excited about this opportunity. More coming.

And one of the biggest surprises of the day was I received an email from a writer from one of my FAVORITE magazines Brain, Child. They'll be reviewing my book.