Monday, March 31, 2008


I have been asked by the fabulous Tish Meeks to submit some material for a book she is doing on "Touring". This is something the Mydols aren't exactly experts at, but we have tried it.

The Wheels on the Minivan

After just a few short years my band, The Mydols, appeared on the Today Show and in People Magazine, we opened for some great bands and vise versa, and performed at all the hippest clubs in our hometown. And then the unthinkable happened. We were nominated for “Best Pop/Rock Recording” at the Detroit Music Awards for our CD Born to Iron. Considering where we started, a music award nomination seemed surreal. It seemed as though we were living the rock ‘n’ roll dream except for one thing—we never toured.

I’m in a “mom” rock band. That’s right, all the members are mothers. In addition to expecting our husbands to schlep amps, we also count on them to do the dishes, feed the kids, and clean the bathroom. Of course this only applies if we are sleeping in the same bed. If we’re in a hotel room somewhere in Iowa, we don’t count on getting much support. I know touring sounds like fun, but asking my husband to manage the kids while I gallivant from coast to coast to the tune of, “Honey, I’m running our credit cards dry,” (Hey, that's a good title for a song!) isn’t going to fly.

Hitting the Gravel
The closest The Mydols ever came to touring was a 3-day stint we did with a Norwegian all-girl band called The Launderettes. In Norway, they are huge, but in the United States the Launderettes need to ride some coattails or at a minimum some apron strings. That’s where we came in. We teamed up with another local band and were able to use our combined resources to book 3 shows—one in Chicago, one in Detroit and one in Cleveland.

Our mini-tour went something like this. I dragged my husband and kids to Chicago where we booked a hotel with a pool on a Sunday night. The kids got to swim AND miss school on Monday. They were thrilled. My husband was not overjoyed. He stayed back at the hotel while I played at a small club called Cal’s in downtown Chicago in front of maybe 50 people. The Mydols got paid $50. Our hotel room was $140.

Monday morning we drove back to Detroit. In addition to the kids missing school, my husband and I had to take the day off work. I slept in the car on the five-hour drive home so I would have enough energy to play again later. We did a small show at a club called Four Green Fields in the evening.

On Tuesday, after a full day of work, my band mates and I drove to Cleveland. It’s normally a 2-½ hour drive but there was construction and it took us almost 4 hours to arrive at a cool but small club called Pat in the Flats. We jumped out of our minivans to play and then jumped right back in to drive home. We got paid with a case of Red Bull, which came in handy. I arrived back in Detroit at around 3 am. I slept for 2 hours (in my clothes) and went straight to work smelling of stale beer and second-hand cigarette smoke.

I sat at my desk debilitated. “I’m too old for this”, I thought.

Our tour didn’t exactly have the energy of the Warped Tour. It was more like an AARP Tour.

It All Comes Out in the Wash
Our 3-day odyssey cured us of wanting to tour. Until we’re a mother act like Faith Hill, who can afford to bring her children with her on a luxurious tour bus, we are content with one or two out-of-town shows a year.

It’s fun to get away with the band; to not have to eat in restaurants with “Play Places” or watch cartoons in your hotel room. But the reality of getting everything in order before we leave (bringing us to the brink of exhaustion), hours in a cramped minivan and the expense of it all usually makes a road trip a wash.

I’m not saying it’s not worth. Of course it is. You really want to expose your band to as many potential fans as possible and out-of-town shows look great in your press kit. I’m just cautioning you. In the beginning, your little jaunt is not likely to resemble anything you saw in the documentary about Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour. Don’t count on Antonio Banderas coming into the green room to meet you. In fact, don’t count on a green room.

Friday, March 28, 2008


There is a cute video feature on my book on the Oakland Press and the Daily Tribune websites. Look for stories to appear in both papers early next week.

Also look for a segment on Rock Star Mommy on Showcase Minnesota on April 25. I'll be in Minneapolis performing with the Mydols at the Minneapolis Convention center and my publisher booked this local NBC Show.

"Showcase Minnesota is a lifestyle show that airs live on KARE 11 weekdays from 10 to 11am. We feature everything from gardening, to entertainment, to cooking. You might even spot a celebrity or two. We also highlight many of the wonderful community events taking place each week in the Twin Cities and tell you how you can get involved. "


Two ex gutter punks fall in love, buy a retired farm in wisconsin and tell the world their secrets... and play The Mydols!

Listen to Roller Derby Queeen On the Dawn and Drew Show.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This morning I read the cutest email from my friend Matt who was so instrumental in helping the Mydols secure shows in Cleveland. He now lives in LA and found my book in outdoor shopping mall in west Hollywood called the Grove.

He wrote:

I found a stack of about six copies on a table of music books on the second floor of Barnes and Noble. It was right between a memoir by the singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers and a new book of photographs of the earliest (and greatest/sleaziest) incarnation of Gunz N Roses. I never thought I would know anyone brushing literary shoulders with weirdo dudes like that; knowing it's some one as amazing and stand-up as you makes it even more astounding. Great Job. I can't wait to read it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I did an interview tonight with the MommyCast moms. It should be up on Monday or Tuesday. ( Three years ago the Mydols were the first guests on this show. It was REALLY fun to catch up with Gretchen and Paige again.

Also...should be video from SXSW up on Uncensored Interviews by tomorrow morning. (I will post a link once I have one.)

And my book reviews are up on You can read them at:

Oh, and speaking of SXSW, I got emails today from Dayna Steele and Andrew Loog Oldham, two authors I met at the conference.


I had the pleasure of meeting Dayna Steel at SXSW. Dayna wrote this awesome book called "Rock to the Top". My short review is BUY THIS BOOK NOW! Want a little more information? Read on!
For almost two decades, Dayna Steele ruled the airwaves on KLOL in Houston. Not too shabby for a girl who at seventeen didn’t have a clue what she wanted to be when she grew up—other than to be a “star” at something. Well what a luminary she became. Dubbed the “First Lady of Rock,” Dayna has rubbed elbows with true rock royalty—such as the Rolling Stones, Sting, and Van Halen to name just a few.

In “Rock to the Top” Dayna shares the secrets of success she learned, as an award winning rock radio personality, from some of the world’s greatest rock stars. (Gene Simmons wrote the forward for gosh sakes—and he knows everything!) Rockin’ moms will learn much from this business guide that reads more like an issue of Rolling Stone magazine than the boring business section of your local newspaper. Dayna explains topics like branding, networking and technology in ways you are sure to understand. (Not to mention, there are some killer photographs at the end of the book with some of the world’s hottest rock stars. What a life. I’m jealous.)

If you have passion for music, Dayna will show you how you can apply that same zeal in the business world. It’s as easy as do-re-mi.

Visit for more information.


I got this email last night from my lovely niece Jenny:

Hey Judy,Im in Winston-Salem, NC and just received your message. A Barnes & Noble is right around the corner, so I just stopped in (thank goodness they close at 11) and picked up a few copies. You'll need to autograph them for us:)I cant wait to read it again (the final version!) and I plan on giving a couple of copies to my local GE coworkers tomorrow. They are moms and are sure to enjoy the book.Congratulations! This is exciting. By the way, the lady who worked at the B&N knew exactly where the book was, as she put them on the shelf today. She had never heard of the band, but now she's curious and wants to read the book:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I went to Barnes and Noble today and I found about 8 copies of Rock Star Mommy in the "music memoir" section. I wanted to jump up and down! I am doing a book signing at the Royal Oak B&N on May 4. I got my confirmation today.

Tomorrow night I am doing the MommyCast podcast. The Mydols were the first guests ever on that show! They have come a long way and we have too.

On Thursday night I am doing a video interview for the Oakland Press and on Friday morning I am going to be on my FAVORITE morning radio show. I'll be on with Frankie C and the Zoo Crew in Salt Lake City, Utah! (Frankie is such a sweetheart.)

Monday, March 24, 2008


Tiffany Petrossi sent me this picture today. It's my first book signing at the SXSW Music Conference. I sure look happy. I have little slits for eyes like Renee Zellweger.

I bet I looked like this at work today when 2 of my coworkers asked me to sign their copies of "Rock Star Mommy" at my desk. I took a break from the landfill drawing I was working on to write "YOU ROCK" on the inside cover. (They ordered them from Barnes and Noble.)

ONE MORE DAY until the book is in stores!


I'll be talking about "Memoir Writing" on April 10 at 6:30 PM at the Hazel Park Memorial Library. (The event was originally scheduled for the 9th but I had to change it. Dylan has an honors banquet at Royal Oak High School that night that I don't want to miss!)

I'll be dropping off a book and posters today. I'm proud to be a Hazel Park High grad--Class of '78.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book Review: Petal Pusher: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story by Laurie Lindeen

With just two days until my own book comes out, I spent the weekend re-reading Petal Pusher by Laurie Lindeen and writing a book review for

Here is a sneak preview:

I met Laurie Lindeen in Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest Trade Show when our career paths (and feet) intersected in front of booth 327. We were two ordinary Midwestern moms, who just happened to have extraordinary all-girl-punk-band memoirs to promote at the conference. Laurie dropped a copy of her book Petal Pushers in my lap as I sat in the “Rockin’ Moms” booth.

“I’m a rockin’ mom,” she said, as she nodded at the pale pink dust cover now resting on my thighs.

“Are you Laurie Lindeen?” I asked in astonishment. To be quite honest, hearing Laurie speak at the SXSW “Rock Memoir” panel was the only thing I had on my “MUST SEE” list even though some of my favorite acts in the world—the Supersuckers, X, Thurston Moore, Clem burke et al—were in town.

“I read your book,” I gushed. “And I loved it.” And I wasn’t just saying it—I was just meaning it.

I checked out Laurie’s book at the Royal Oak Public library the first week it came out. I was in the process of writing my own memoir Rock Star Mommy and I read it for inspiration. I felt like I had discovered a bosom buddy in the cute blonde I never met but had so much in common with. Like me, Laurie grew up in the 1960s. We were both raised in the Catholic faith in Great Lake states (Michigan and Wisconsin). We both lived in Big Ten college towns (Ann Arbor and Madison) and admired the Minnesota music scene of the 1980s—especially a band called The Replacements. (I had a crush on the band’s lead singer Paul, and she ended up marrying him.) And we both ultimately gave up our big eighties hair and settled down and became mothers. And oh yeah, in the midst of it all, we both started all-girl bands (the Mydols and Zuzu’s Petals) despite being less than stellar guitarists. (By Laurie’s own admission her band sucked for the first couple of years, but she didn’t let a small detail like that distract her from living a Cinderella story—something I can relate to.)

I found Petal Pushers was familiar to my own life, but with one itty bitty difference. Laurie was a legitimate rocker who ultimately became a mom—and I, on the other hand, tried motherhood first and then attempted the rock star thing (and have had about one tenth of her fanfare or success.) Okay, maybe that’s a BIG difference. Still, we have enough in common that it surprises me that it took 48 years for us to be standing face to face, and in the author phases of our lives. I should have defiantly bumped into her in a mosh pit at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor about 25 years ago, instead of meeting her on a day when our maternal instincts led us to be at the Rockin’ Moms booth. All the same, I found her adorable.

The day after meeting her, I attended her “Rock Memoir” panel discussion and I was not disappointed. I began re-reading Petal Pushers (my autographed copy!) on my plane ride home to Detroit. Like so many things in life, it was even better the second time around.

Petal Pushers is Laurie’s story of launching Zuzu’s Petals in Minnesota’s red hot music scene in the eighties, and her journey through the indie rock landscape—with tours across America and Europe. Throughout the narrative she details her relationships with her band mates, management, boyfriends and fans with such loving honesty that it is hard to put the book down. (I read it in a day.) Laurie also chronicles her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis—a secret she hid from her friends—and how it fueled her determination to make it big in the rock world.

But the real pleasure of reading the book for me—someone in a band who has always wanted to hit the gravel but can’t because motherhood tends to be a huge loving anchor—is the intimate picture she paints of life on the road. She dishes out the dirt on touring, with all its ups and downs—including a stint with Mr. “Goodie Two Shoes” Adam Ant. Thanks to Laurie, I no longer feel like I have to (or want to) do it myself. I lived it through the pages of her book and it’s a trip I’ll never forget—like my trip to Austin. I can’t stop thinking about hanging out with Laurie for a few minutes and the thrill of meeting such a beautiful woman and equally beautiful writer.

Petal Pushers: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story (Atria) $24

Friday, March 21, 2008


My book comes out next week! I have been busy lining up TV, radio, library and book store apprearances. Please go to for a list of places I'll be.


Our good friends Bob and Liz Morton have offered the use of their restroom stalls at their restuarant to promote Rock Star Mommy. This is very sweet. If you happen to dining at Lily's Seafood in Royal Oak, please excuse your to take a wee and check out my signs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'll be on Blogtalk radio this Friday at 9:00 PM on Ask Dangerous Lee.

Humor Advice Columnist, Author, and Actress, Dangerous Lee turns the tables and asks the questions, and as always states her opinion on every damn thing. But wait, there's a catch, guests and callers are expected to turn the tables back on her and Ask Dangerous Lee anything they want to know LIVE! Co-host: Hip Hop artist Hassahn Phenomenon.

Dangerous and HP talk to the brains behind Big K Management and author of "Why Black Men Love White Women" Rajen Persaud and author of "Rock Star Mommy" Judy Davids.

Sounds like fun. YOU GOT TO LISTEN! Go to:


WOO! WOO! Willie's on the marquee.
Reflections is Going on Tour!

The Michigan PTSA Reflections Award of Excellence entries will be on display at the following Barnes and Noble stores prior to the Reflections Celebration:
March 10 to March 16
Barnes and Noble Ann Arbor (Washtenaw Ave.)
March 17 to March 23
Barnes and Noble Rochester
March 24 to March 31
Barnes and Noble Lansing Mall
April 7 to April 14
Barnes and Noble Northville (6 Mile/Haggerty)

TheMichigan PTSAReflections Celebration and Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday, April 19, 2008 at Stevenson High School, 33500 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Gary Graff mentioned me in his story about SXSW in the Oakland Press today. He wrote:

Judy Davids of the Detroit "mom rock" band the Mydols was in Austin during SXSW to launch her new book, "Rock Star Mommy," which will be formally published in early April. She was, however, apprehensive about a book signing Saturday at a booth in the trade show, where she'd be appearing alongside former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham.

"If no one shows up," said Davids, "at least I'll have a great conversation with him. I'm having this true rock 'n' roll moment."

Davids, 48, who lives in Royal Oak, spent SXSW with her friend, Go-Go's bassist Kathy Valentine, who was also housing Blondie drummer Clem Burke.

For the whole story see:

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I had a hard time sleeping on Friday night. To my surprise I worried about my book signing. What if nobody showed up? (I usually never worry about nuthin'.) Well I must have some sort of angel. Andrew Loog Oldham, the producer of the ROLLING STONES and best selling author had to reschedule his signing and on Saturday morning when I got to the Trade Show I saw on the board that I was signing with HIM! I ran back to tell Tiffany and who should be at the Rockin' Mom booth but Gary Graff of the Oakland Press. I talked to him. I could barely contain my joy. He said he got a copy of my book and is going to do a review of it and he is going to include me in his SXSW news.

We talked to lots more media types on Saturday. Laurie Lindeen stopped by again and hung out with me. She lives in Minnesota. I'm hoping she'll come and see the Mydols in April at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I am going to review her book for and I am also going to review Dayna Steele's Rock to the Top. (I met Dayna at the Trade Show too.)

I did a cool interview with Uncensored Interviews, won a free ad on Undiscovered Radio...It was my lucky day. After the show I stopped by the Bust Magazine Party for a little while. Later we hooked up with Kathy and Steven to see Clem Burke's band Magic Christian. They really rocked. Paul Kopf (the lead singer) is such a sweetheart. Went to another party with Kathy and I ended the night hosting the GoGirls Party at a bar called Trophy's.

It was quite a day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I moved off the main page of and land on I am listed under the category of "Dynamic Women".


I am really having a ball here in Austin. I continue to meet amazing people every day.

I went to a panel discussion today on rock memoirs. It was really fascinating. I mainly wanted to hear Laurie Lindeen. I really learned a lot. (Andrew Loog Oldham the Rolling Stones' manager/producer and author of "Stoned", was also on the panel--he was REALLY interesting.) After the panel Laurie stopped by our booth and we talked for awhile. I was telling her about Mamapalooza and she said she would love to play. She has family in Michigan. I'm going to contact her when I get home. I really like her.

We had some press/media stop by our booth including the Austin Chronicle and the Jim Lehrer News hour. I also got my picture taken for this Internet SXSW party thing. I did another interview for SXSW TV that was blasted on big plasma screens across Austin and last night John and I went and saw X and it was broadcast live on Direct TV. (X sounded great. I love John Doe--he has one of my favorite rock voices of all time.)

We were treated to dinner by Kathy and her husband Steven and had a great time. Steven's music tastes run along the same lines as John's and they had a great conversation about early punk music.

After dinner we went and saw X at the Bat Bar (as I mentioned above). It was packed and well worth the hour wait in line.

Friday, March 14, 2008


First day in Austin.

Beginning with the plane ride, I knew this was going to be eventful. I never saw so many guitars in the overhead storage in all my life. Upon arriving I got a spiffy little car and then spent about 40 minutes looking for a parking space. This city is nuts. Music/people everywhere.

I met with Tiffany at the Rockin' Moms booth where I immediately met Tish Meeks of 3 Kisses/Wife Swap fame and Madalyn Sklar--my fearless GoGirls leader. I was there about 10 minutes when I got asked if I was the girl "on The Big Idea." (A couple of people recognized me from the show.)

I made my way to the book store to meet Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth who was signing his book Punk House. It was cool to see about 30 copies of my book behind him! Later I was sitting in the booth and Laurie Lindeen the author of Petal Pushers gave me a copy of her book and signed it and then I gave her a copy of mine and she asked me for my autograph. She was soooo nice.

I am staying with Kathy Valentine who has the most beatiful house. Our (John is here too) guest room is the size of my house. She is so gracious. I absolutey adore her as a musician and a person. (Clem Burke is also staying here. He has a panel discussion on Friday and lots of shows.)

Getting ready for day TWO.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008



I was the PTSA Chair of the Reflections contest at Royal Oak Middle School this year. I sort of forced my son Willie to enter. I had a really great group of kids that met after school and he was one of them.

So I brought a camera one day to school and asked if anyone wanted to use it. Willie went outside and snapped this picture. He was the only entry for photography so he won by default.

Today I found out his photo won the Junior Award of Excellence for the STATE of MICHIGAN. His photo will soon be on display at a Barnes & Noble near you!


Check out my video on That's me on the left, front and center on their homepage!

Thanks Amy Ingalls and Kate Perotti for providing the video required. It was a blast!


Yesterday I had lunch with this really remarkable woman who is a career advisor at Seaholm High School. She was really fascinating. I met her through a mutual radio friend. Georgeann has a pretty interesting book in her heart. We talked about writing and following your dreams. I really enjoyed myself.

I am getting pretty excited about the release of my book in less than a month.

I have my first book signing this Saturday in Austin, TX. While I'm there I'm staying with my favorite GO-GO (the most famous all girl band of all-time). I would never have imagined this would happen to me while I watched the "Vacation" video on MTV back in 1982.

My publicist is setting up some signings for me elsewhere. One that will be really exciting is in Minneapolis! A Barnes and Noble has requested my whole band play an in-store concert.

I am also one of the featured artists at the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

The Ann Arbor Book Festival’s mission is to promote reading, heighten awareness of literacy challenges, and showcase the rich culture of the written word in Michigan and beyond. A diverse group of community leaders committed to literature, language and the arts in Michigan are hard at work planning the Festival.

Here's a list of authors that will be appearing:

Monday, March 10, 2008


Out with the pencil! Writers use computers now. Duh!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here's a logo I designed for a radio show on writing that I am helping out with. We hope to be on the air in April!

Stay tuned....

Saturday, March 8, 2008


My "Rock Star Mommy" t-shirt featuring the artwork of Adam Turman was selected "Today's Best on Zazzle" meaning it will be inducted into the "Today's Best Showcase."


Woo woo! What a day I had yesterday. First, I was accepted into the Baby Boomer Diva Hall of Fame. That's me in the top row on the left. What a great honor. I got lots of email--some from as far away as Australia.

THEN! I found out I have been selected to speak at the "Performing Motherhood: Outlaw Mothers in Music, Media, Arts and Cultural Expression" in New York City. I will hosting a workshop titled "Mommy Loudest: The art of Self Promotion". This event is sponsored by ARM/Mamapalooza.

I am embracing my age, gender and maternal instincts in grand style these days.

I also conducted a blogging workshop at Gilda's Club yesterday. I had a great time. We ended up hanging out together for an extra hour and a half. They say the best way to learn is to teach. I'd have to say that's true because I think I learned as much as my students yesterday!

Friday, March 7, 2008


I have what my friend Stacy calls "high class problems". I was invited to participate in a Baby Boomer Divas weekend getaway in Daytona Beach, FL. I was ecstatic until I learned the date--April 19. Problem is I have a fundraiser at Kent Lake Elementary School on April 18. I could not find a late night Friday flight or an early morning Saturday one from Detroit to Orlando, Daytona or even Jacksonville. I am so bummed out. I had to say no.

BUT!!! I am going to have a rockin' good time at "Rock -N- Noodles". There's no problem there.

I just wrapped up my first magazine article for Strut. It was a blast. I got to interview Skye Hoppus, Karen Newman, April Boyle and my own band mate Kara Rasmussen for a story on how to demonstrate the knack, attitude and power of kickass chic!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Get a Mydols ringtone for your phone.
and download Roller Derby Queen!


Here's my new logo for my series "Tips from the Rock Star Mommy" on!

I love it!


Here's a pic of me with the lovely Karen Newman. I interviewed Karen for a magazine article I am doing on Rocker Moms!

(Thanks Larry for sending me the photo. I love it!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So I haven't seen The Mydols on The Big Idea yet. (My mom taped it.) But I got lots of calls, emails etc. from people who did. Everyone said we all sounded smart. I know we looked good. They have great make-up artists. The best! (While we were getting our makeup done Suze Orman came in to get hers for her show. Wow is she cute!!)

One of the make-up artists, Laura, told me I am on her reel too. I'll be up on her website soon. I feel VERY honored.

I love The Big Idea. The producers are all the NICEST people and the guests all really do have great ideas. We met the inventors of Trunkettes! I love them. ( I want some.

And what about the boss you ask? Donny is adorable. He's very much in the zone on the set and has great energy. Best thing about him? He calls me "Kiddo" whenever he says goodbye and I sort of melt.

Back to earth...Today, I had lunch with KAREN NEWMAN. I was starstruck. Holy cow, is she ever pretty. I'm doing a article for Strut magazine and she is a part of it. The story comes out in May. She is really, really nice and very articulate.

I'm also interviewing author Skye Hoppus for the same piece.

And! I am saving the best news for last...WILLIE AUDITIONED FOR JAZZ BAND AND MADE IT! I never had a doubt, but boy is he relieved. Great job KIDDO!


Wow! The Mydols appearance on The Big Idea was fantastic. Kara and Wensdy were great on camera and they looked beautiful!

And what can I say about Marianne Williamson? She is so cute. I wanted to hug her. She autographed a copy of her book "The Age of Miracles" for me. Then I gave her a copy of my book, and she asked me to sign it for her. That was the first request for my autograph EVER! I will remember it forever.

I'll write more later...I have to get some work done!