Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I just dropped off the edited manuscript for Rock Star Mommy at the post office. I wanted to do it today, on Halloween, so I would have a reference to remember in years to come. I could say "I dropped off the final version on October 31."

When I initially decided to write a book, I always thought if I didn't sell it I would self-publish. When I opened the package containing all 190 pages of my manuscript and saw what it looked like, I was glad I didn't have to go that route. Every page was covered in red ink. I asked my editor about it and she said my MS had the"normal" amount of edits and she was really please with it.

The copy-editor did such a fantastic job with it. She found little inconsistencies that I never noticed and I've read it a hundred times.

So we are off to our annual neighborhood Halloween party at the Hartman's house. We are looking forward to the traditional dessert that looks like kitty litter and other frightening delicacies.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I spoke to the producer of today. I am sending them an advanced copy of Rock Star Mommy.

The Mydols were the very first guests on this popular podcast show. That's a very cool feather in our cap.

We discussed the possibility of doing an event together in Washington DC. So far, if everything works out I'll be in St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and DC next year. Whew!

I got my copy-edited version of Rock Star Mommy in the mail today. It's a hard copy with all sorts of notes in the margins etc. It's my LAST chance to look at it before it goes out to print. It's got to be back in New York by November 5.

Dylan has his first high school band concert tonight. He brought home a tux to wear. He's all grown up.

Monday, October 29, 2007


My publisher indicated that they are thinking of sending me to BookExpo America in Los Angeles next June. My agent is thrilled and so am I. This is the big leagues!

What is BEA you ask? According to Wikipedia: BookExpo America is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. BEA is almost always held in a major city over four days in May, often running in to early June. Nearly all significant book publishers in the United States, and many from abroad, have booths and exhibits at BEA, and use the fair as an opportunity to showcase upcoming titles, sell current books, socialize with colleagues from other publishing houses, and sell and buy subsidiary rights and international rights (although not on the scale of the rights negotiation that occurs at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October). Authors, librarians, and buyers for book retailers also attend the event.


The Mydols played at Gilda's Club tonight. Since our bass player moved to Seattle and our drummer was busy, Kara and I enlisted the help of three "real" Detroit music scene pros--two of them were guys!

We only practiced once and let me tell you it was a bit rough! But we had a ball.

There were lots of kids there and we tried to recruit a little girl sitting in the front row to come up and sing with us. Her mom was egging her on too and the girl said "You're embarrassing me!" Then, Johnny, our drummer said "I'm embarrassed too!" And then Mark, our bass player, said "We're all embarrassed!"

It was so true. And I think that is the difference between adults and kids. You learn that it doesn't kill you to try something new. Who cares if you are good or not? We laughed right through our mistakes and the audience had a ball. No one in the audience worried if we missed a note or not so why should we? Smile and the world smiles with you. And that is what Gilda's Club is all about. I LOVE Gilda's Club. The people there are such a joy to be around.



You may have been a material girl in the past, but these days you are cool, confident, and in control. Like your rock star counterpart, Madonna, you like to lead the way and get there first. And as soon as others start to follow in your footsteps you'll already be on to the next big thing. Even more inspirational is that underneath your groundbreaking spirit, you've got a big heart and thoughtful mind. You stand up for what you believe in and aren't afraid to ruffle some feathers along the way. That's vogue!

I just took a quiz at:


Check it out:

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today was a great day. I confirmed my participation in two amazing events. I will attend the SXSW Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas next March , and the Mamapalooza Creativity & Lifestlyes Conference in New York City next May. I'll be promtoing Rock Star Mommy at both.

I am really excited to be a part of both really cool events.

Also my book goes out for reviews next week. YAY!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


At the ROMS Open House last Saturday, Dr. Thomas Moline (our district superintendent) referred to me at the re-dedication ceremony as Royal Oak's "Artist in Residence" for all the posters I have been cooking up for the high school and middle school. I was honored by such a title and then went home and made a poster for the Booster Club. Look for it around Royal Oak or visit

Monday, October 22, 2007


Sunday, October 21, 2007


The kids and I made the cover of the Observer and Eccentric papers today. They even mentioned I have a memoir coming out in April.

Here's the story:

Article published Oct 21, 2007

Supermoms introduced on

It isn't easy being a mom.

It takes a virtual village to raise a child, and that's what is all about. The online community is a place where moms can go to get advice, support and perspective from other moms throughout metro Detroit and across the state.
Last month, the Observer & Eccentric put out a call for local mothers to step up as Supermoms and agree to post their expert advice to on a regular basis. The response was overwhelming.

We got hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from potential Supermoms, all hungry for just the kind of community provides.

It was difficult to choose, every applicant had unique talents and expertise all her own. In fact, there were so many great moms, we plan to rotate Supermoms throughout the year. For now, we settled on five Supermoms representing diverse cities and situations. They will start posting regularly today.

Here are the O&E Supermoms:

Judy Davids of Royal Oak is a working mom with two boys, ages 12 and 14. Davids is guitarist in the mom rock band The Mydols, plays in an over 40 soccer league and serves on the PTSA. Did we mention her memoir is being published in April? Look for her Web site posts on dealing with shy children, and decorating children's bedrooms.

Beth Hurley of Canton is raising two boys, ages 5 and 8. Technically a stay-at-home mom, the happily married Hurley is always busy volunteering at school, organizing mom-to-mom sales and serving on her homeowner's board. A self-proclaimed "news junkie" Hurley is the one friends call for recommendations on places to eat, shop or offer advice.

Sandi Martin of Plymouth is a working mom to four girls ranging from ages 2-10. Martin's sense of humor made her application rise to the top. Subjects she wants to tackle include "101 tasks we can accomplish while waiting for your daughter at dance class," and "Organization: Why is Polly Pocket in the freezer and Spider-Man on top of the ceiling fan?"

Kimberly Mortson of Westland is mom to two children, ages 5 and 8, and works for the City of Ann Arbor. Mortson hopes to blog about issues facing working moms, raising creative kids and traveling with children.

Julie Rogalski of Rochester Hills is a stay-at-home mom with a 2 and1/2-year-old. She is interested in fashion, exercise, sports and music, and hopes to discuss organic lifestyles, books, making the switch from working to stay-at-home-mom and early potty training.

If you'd like to learn more or chat with our Supermoms, log onto and check out their posts. Or, start a thread of your own. You don't have to be a Supermom to join the online village at

The site is free and open to all super moms. We'll see you there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


In a few hours I'll be off to the high school to work at the Powder Puff football game. It looks like the girls are going to have a beautiful fall night.

I feel so exhausted right now, but I have accomplished so much this week.

a. I got all the soccer tee's, hoodies and sweats passed out to the high school players and got the minivan stickers done too.

b. I designed the Mydols soccer shirts and they just might be ready in time for our first games on Sunday.

c. I did a presentation at the PTSA on Monday.

d. I helped with Religious ED classes on Tuesday and came up with a pretty good idea for our End Global Warming campaign.

e. I went to the re-opening of Ball's Bridge and helped with registration and name tags.

f. I filled out my applications for the Observer & Eccentric blog job.

g. I finished a video for my parents 50th Anniversary.

g. AND I FINISHED MY MANUSCRIPT!!!!! It's now in copyediting where they do final fact-checking etc. (I guess that takes about a month.)

Am I tried? You bet. But I could not be prouder.

I also got to spend a little time with John's nephew Matt. He was in town visting from Minnesota.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I applied for the title of Supermom and I got it! I have been selected to blog for (It pays too!) Get ready for me to start posting on Sunday, Oct. 21. The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers will run a story that day on all of the Supermoms selected. Look for a picure of me and my kids.

Woo! Woo!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Mydols soccer starts on October 21st! This year we are sponsoring 2 teams. We have a new logo for our hot pink uniforms with black with pink polka dot socks!


I've been working on a committee with business leaders, school board members and the Superintendent of Schools on a gala Open House at the middle school. I've been coming to work early and printing large posters that I designed to hang all over town. (the committee loved them!) Unfortunately, the Open House is the same day as my parents 50th Anniversary (which is a lunch party and the Open House is in the evening) so I'll be kind of crazy that day.

I should get the remaining chapters for Rock Star Mommy today. I'll be talking to my editor in New York this afternoon.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Be the first to own a Rock Star Mommy t-shirt designed by Adam Turman!


Sunday, October 7, 2007


I spent half the day today reviewing my editor's comments on Chapters 1-5 of Rock Star Mommy. I was really pleased with how easy it was. She moved some things around, added a few words here and there and asked me to elaborate a little more in certain areas. I am very happy with how it is shaping up.

I spent the second half of the day decorating the house for Halloween. Willie and I did some shopping for scary adornments and the front porch is looking pretty wicked.

As for Dylan he shared with his A+ writing Honors English paper with us in his normal low-key manner. I asked him if I could post it on my blog and he said no. Then Willie blurted out "Don't worry. No one reads Mom's blog anyway." After that snarky remark, he gave me permission. Here it is:

Desert Scene by Dylan Davids (age 14)

He peered out over the desert laid out before him, shimmering in the afternoon heat. With a glint of disappointment, he realized this probably wasn’t the place.

In the distance, seemingly eons away lurked massive behemoths, casting their regenerating shadows on those lucky enough to bask in them. His famished mind thought of gushing streams, spilling their life nourishing liquid randomly across the face of those mountains. No time for that now, he thought. He must find the specter of his past that had lured him to this barren, windswept land broken up only by the occasional sand dune or hardy plants, either strong enough or foolish enough to attempt life here.

Eyes squinting, he resumed his hunt, like a tiger his keen eyes picked up every detail of this alien landscape, except his hunt was not for food, his backpack provided an adequate supply of that. He thought of his backpack, a reliable friend who had nourished him during his tireless search and had kept him alive.

No detail was lost on his eyes as they searched, endlessly. He saw the cacti, their strong greens standing out against the monotonous tan of the sand. He saw the vultures, nature’s thieves, as they circled some rotting carcass, as if it were a treasure of a lost civilization. He also saw a lonely snake, its sleek body slithering and sliding across a sand dune. He felt a certain kinship with the snake, they were both the only ones of their kind traveling this lonely expanse.

He stared back at his footprints, stretching back into infinity and shivered. He had to shield his eyes now, as the sun shone its blinding rays down and was reflected back by each individual granule of sand, forming a sea of tan jewels.

Then he saw it. A post, a simple wooden post devoid of any decoration. It stuck out of the ground at an odd angle, peculiar because of its odd situation in a desert. His heart raced, his hands clenched, and his legs tingled. He took a step forward. And then another. Every step he took was a calculated maneuver, his worn shoes sinking into the sand. Then he paused, if only for a second to think. He knew mirages and tricks of the mind were common in parts of the world, where they could drive you to insanity. He recalled several times being fooled by the deserts cruel tricks, sprinting towards what appeared to be a oasis or village, only to stop dead in his tracks as salvation dissolved into the sandy sea. He held no fondness for the desert or any of the games it played on his mind.

He hesitated, and then warily stepped forward. This had to be it, he thought as his mind combated his weary body for superiority over his actions. This had to be it, his mind started to win the tug-of-war it was engaged in with his body. This had to be it! He broke out into a light jog and then a sprint. He felt his sole purpose in life was to reach that post, small and distant. He was now an athlete, sprinting for the finish line as his close competitor caught up, inch by inch He was using his bodies’ last energy reserves for this run, and if it turned out to be a mirage then he would surely perish in a sandy tomb.

Then he fell. As he fell so did all his hopes and dreams. The sand was suddenly concrete and his hopes and dreams shattered upon it like a snow globe carelessly tossed aside. But he could not give up now. No not after all the work he had done to reach this. He twitched. His body couldn’t take any more. It had gone through too much in the past few days. But failure was not an option. With an iron will he rose, an inch at a time and stood. He stumbled those final few steps, stretched across eternity as his body screamed in pain.

But he reached that beacon of hope, a simple post. He slowly reached down his callused hands and touched the post. This was no mirage. His long and slow trek through the desert was over at last. He was elated. He started to dig, his energy seemingly magically restored from the discovery. He uncovered another post, and then another, and then a third. He had uncovered the remains of his childhood home. He hardly remembered his childhood, it was from a clouded part of his memory. As he rummaged through the rubble he hoped all his questions would be answered.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well I did it. I danced last night with the Hazel Park High School Vikettes and Willie said I was really good. (My Mom, Dad and Dylan came too. John was out of town.) Sometimes a person can just be proud for getting their butt off the couch and doing something whether they are good or bad. And that's how I felt last night. I was just proud to be there. Is was a little sad though to see how few people turned out for the game. Mrs. C. (the Vikette advisor) said that's why she wants to few parents care any more. When I was a Vikette 112 girls tried out. This year she only had 15 girls try out.

After the half time performance, we had a reception in the library and it looked exactly the same as when I went there. There is a painting of John Kennedy that looks like it hasn't been moved since the 1960s.

Today Willie had a soccer game in the sweltering October sun. Yikes! It sure doesn't feel like Fall. I was the line ref for the game and I was miserable. Willie earned the game ball this week so we have it in our house until next Saturday. We're very proud of him.

Dylan and I are going to the funeral home this afternoon. One of his teammate's father passed away. The whole freshman soccer team is going up together for support. It's very sad, but I am proud of the boys for their compassion for a teammate and friend.

When I get home I'm off to the office to work on my editor's comments.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Willie came home from school today and announced he is second chair trumpet! He was so proud because he just switched to the trumpet in the middle of the school year (last year) because he wanted to be in the jazz band in seventh grade. So this is quite an accomplishment as the other kids have been playing about a year and a half longer than him.

Dylan learned last week that is he is first chair trombone in the high school band. We didn't get too excited about it becuase he NEVER practices! I wish he would because he is a joy to listen to.

Oh well, Willie makes up for it with constant music in our house.


Every once in a while I meet someone who is really inspiringly good. I would say Willie's Godfather is someone like that. He is so just and reputable, that he almost makes me feel guilty when I am near him.

Last night I went to a meeting to discuss this year's Youth Ministry program at St. Mary. Our director's name is Laura and she is amazing... so kind, patient, loving, accepting. I swear she glows--like the saints do on Holy Cards. Well this year our theme is going to be "Catholic Values". Laura had this great idea to pair the kids with adults living in a nearby nursing home. We'll be visiting them throughout the year and then ultimately interviewing them about their faith. We want to video the whole experience. I think it would make a cool documentary and I am excited to be a part of it.

“We are the stewards of creation and we need to take that responsibility seriously and co-operate to care for the created world." --Pope Benedict

Also, Pope Benedict is going to visit the United Nations in April and talk about Global Warming as a moral obligation. Laura was saying how important it is to teach the kids to a stand on issues--to speak out. So we are going to be following that news story and we too are going to take on "Global Warming" as a moral issue.

I wonder what the Pope would think about a mom that's in a rock band? ...Yeah, that's what I think too. I figure I better try to be good in the other aspects of my life. Pray for me.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I recieved my "Editorial Letter" today! What this means is my editor has read my manuscript and is ready to give me her suggestions for revision. The hope is together we strengthen the overall message and globally tighten up the flow of language and information throughout the manuscript.

Her opening paragraph read:

Congratulations on completing your manuscript for ROCK STAR MOMMY. I’ve had the chance to read through the manuscript, and I have to tell you, I’m completely charmed by your story and the way you tell it. Your writing really draws the reader in, the narration is fast-paced, and your voice is very accessible. You should feel very proud—this is a wonderful accomplishment.

I can't wait to begin going over her comments. Unfortunately, I have a Athletic Booster meeting tonight, then I'm off to a PTSA Workshop. Tomorrow I am decorating a display case at the middle school, then I have a meeting for Religious Ed at St. Mary (I'm helping teach again this year) and after that I'm off to a Band Boosters meeting at the High School. Wednesday Dylan has a soccer game and Thursday both boys have games PLUS I promised my friend I would stop by and see her son play Freshman Football. Friday night I'm at Hazel Park High School for a Vikette reunion. BUT!!!!! Saturday and Sunday are mine! I'll probably sneak up to my office were it is nice and quiet on the weekends.

I'm so happy right now--I could cry! And I am.